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Common Stage

We are an international group with a variety of backgrounds. We play, dance, make theater and music. We work with video, projection, photos and storytelling.
We celebrate and create improvisational performances.

Everytime it's different

The door to Common Stage is open.
You can sit on a cajon and watch, listen or play the beat. You can join the musicians or you can play and dance along.

We have two pianos and instruments people bring along like kora, oud, saxophone, flute, banjo, guitar, or percussion instruments.

We explore how to create
walk-in installations and how to play and dance with a variety of materials like sticks, ropes, rolls of paper, or balloons.

We play with different lighting moods and we like shadows a lot.

Together we create a common language.


Afterwards we enjoy soup and salad at Common Table.


DAY Every Monday Afternoon
TIME 15.30 - 17.30

LOCATION Het Wilde Westen, Everard Meijsterlaan 1b
3533 CK Utrecht, NL

COSTS Free Entry, donation possible


FLYER in Dutch

Common Stage is a stage at cultural center

Het Wilde Westen in Utrecht.


In 2024 Common Stage will also start in Arnhem.
For more information see:

Common Stage is supported by:


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