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Playing in Landscapes of the Now

Common Stage invites you for an Impro-Performance with Live Music.

The landscape in which we move, where we feel at home, and that we create together in the theater. We are on a playing field where we can watch, listen, and join. We dance, make music, tell stories and create Improv Performances.

Poetic, boring, and surrealistic landscapes alternate.

An interactive performance by and with local residents, visitors to the Ubuntuhuis, and artists from the neighborhood. Sat April 15th, 20:00-21:30h, afterward Common Table - Borrel Mo April 17th, 15-17h, Meanwhile Festival, artEZ, Arnhem Sat May 13th, 15-17h, afterward Common Table - Soup&Salad Mo May 29th (pinksteren), 15-17h, afterward Common Table - Soup&Salad Mo June 19th, 15-17h, afterward Common Table - Soup&Salad

Het Wilde Westen, Everard Meijsterlaan 1b, Utrecht.

Free entrance, donation possible at the end. We have only a small amount of seats, please reserve your spot.

11 weergaven


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